The first thing most WAX users do, is create a WAX Cloud Wallet. This is done by simply logging into with a Google account. This will provide the user with a .wam address (33d4q.wam) for example} The convenience doesn't come without a cost. That cost would be, you do not have the private keys to a .wam wallet. Losing access to a Google account used to log-in and create the .wam wax wallet will leave a user at a loss of the assets inside the wallet. Access can be lost many way, from misplacing 2FA to forgetting a password, even being a target of hackers. These are the reasons a WAX use would maybe want to start with the easy route of, creating a WAX.wam wallet by just logging in with a Google account. It’s just like logging into Facebook or YouTube, in that way. But, with a substantial WAX collection, a user might be motivated to go through the less easy route and, ensure they have a WAX wallet, in which, they do possess the private keys for. Untethering their assets from their Google accounts, and obtaining the ability to backup the NFTs collected. A benefit to creating a WAX wallet with keys, is you can assign a username to the public address (kennethbosak) for example}, cool aye?

Step 1

Visit download, install and create a new* key pair.

Step 2

Visit download, install and setup Anchor.

After password setup, make sure you select WAX from the list of blockchains.


Step 3

Visit login, create username, assign keys.

Owner and Active, can be the same public addresses.


Bonus step

Visit login with Anchor.

You should see the username displayed top right (instead of .wam)




I'm Kenn Bosak.

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Kenn Bosak

Kenn Bosak

I'm Kenn Bosak.

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